Who We Are
What We Do
Looking Ahead
The Griffincrest Corporation has transformed from a local oil company into a global energy group, employing over five million people in over a hundred different nations across the globe.

From small time Confederate business to multi-national corporation and universally agreed leader in the field, Griffincrest has always put our customers first and foremost.

In 2011 we aim to use the momentum generated in 2010 to continue to improve operational, cost and capital efficiency, while ensuring we maintain our priorities of safe, reliable and efficient operations.

We intend to continue to focus on building personnel and technological capability for the future. We believe our portfolio of assets is strong and well positioned to compete and grow in a range of external conditions and we will continue to grow our resource base and build people and technological capability for the future. Also in 2011, we intend to create a centralized developments organization to deliver our major projects. By bringing our project expertise into one team, we expect to continue our drive for improved capital efficiency by fully optimizing our project designs and improving project execution.

We build large and resilient production platforms and use new technologies to reach as much oil and gas as possible
After we’ve established that there are large quantities of oil or gas (or both) at a drilling location, this site is known as a field. The next step is to plan and build a production facility, taking environmental, social and logistical factors into account.

Out at sea, we build oil or gas platforms which are strong and steady enough to cope with the amounts of oil and gas to be extracted, the depth of the water and the harshness of the climate or underwater environment.

Over the decades-long lifespan of most production facilities, chances are new technologies will help us reach deeper and deeper into reservoirs, helping us to extract more of the resources within it.

Working With Local Economies
We concentrate our exploration and production efforts on the places where we believe large oil and gas discoveries are likely to be found. Many of these places have developing economies.

As a large, international organization, we have access to technologies and information that may not be readily available in these locations. But we may lack one essential thing that only a local person can provide: deep knowledge of the local communities, economy and landscape.

We use local suppliers, training them if necessary, and we share our skills and technologies with local businesses and academic institutions. In Beiraq, for example, we have worked to develop the geo-science department at a local university, and we hire many of the resulting graduates.

Ultimately we benefit as much as the local economy and communities. One indicator of the value added to our company: increasingly staff from these developing economies are taking up senior positions at our offices in the GWO, the Confederacy and around the world.