About The Griffncrest Corporation
Griffincrest And Vanndia Sign Major  Deal
  Why Choose Us?

Griffincrest Oil Inc was founded in 1926, in Paradise City, Exponent, by a small time business man named Julius Griffincrest. The small company soon flourished, and became one of the lead oil companies in all of Exponent. He thought of a great idea to keep families together, and in 1929, build the first town on the grounds of his factories, so that his employees would always be close to their families. In 1978, Julius passed the corporation on to his son, Claudius.

Under Claudius, Griffincrest Oil saw a massive increase in both sales, and power. When the plague struck Exponent, Claudius put the lives of his employees first. He ordered his security forces to quarantine all of his factories, thus saving thousands of lives. After the plague settled, Griffincrest emerged as one of the most powerful and influential organizations in all of the new Blackhelm Confederacy

We depend on energy
It fuels our lives and our businesses. The demand for energy grows and supplies get harder to find. We aim to make every well deeper. And we strive to make every refinery we build more efficient, and every tank of petrol we sell even cleaner.
Griffincrest’s business is the exploration, production, refining, marketing, trading and distributing of energy. We’re looking for talented people who share our commitment to responsible energy – and who are ready to make a difference.

The Griffincrest Corporaltion and the Empire of Vanndia have recently signed a deal ensuring delivery of twenty million barrels to ports around the Empire each and every day.

This deal ensures that all of Vanndia's oil needs are handled by the Griffincrest Corporation, making that nation just another to finally recognize  Griffincrest is the way of the future

Looking For A Career?

Griffincrest is committed to helping meet the world’s growing demand for energy. The challenges we face are complex- and demand world-class resources and people with outstanding talents who share Griffincrest’s commitment to delivering energy from a wide range of sources. The industry is constantly evolving and our people will contribute to that evolution. We offer unique opportunities on a global scale and the chance to be part of projects that make a difference to everyone’s future.