Environmental Assistance
A portion of every single dollar spent on Griffincrest products goes right back into the global community. Every single second, a child somewhere is starving to death, and Griffincrest hopes to help these children. Thousands of children in hundreds of centers all across the globe are provided with top quality care provided for by the Corporation.

Griffincrest centers not only provide food and clothing to the poorest and most innocent among us, but they provide additional resources too. Free medical clinics, boasting some of the best doctors money can buy, provide care for children and their families alike every day in the poorest of places.

Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that these locations can stay fund in order to continue to provide top notch care for the people of the nations they service. Next time you go to the gas station or to the mechanic, think of these people before you fill up. Every dollar spent on Griffincrest is a dollar spent on humanity
Griffincrest is working to further understand its impact on ecosystems, recognizing that we not only have an impact on the services which ecosystems provide but also in many instances rely on them.

Additionally,Griffincrest realizs that all living creatures have a right to life, and have recently begun a contract with Nexus Inc. to provide many of our employees with meat taken from cloned tissue, allowing actual living breathing animals to be spared.
Griffincrest Cares
Children receive fresh water from the Griffincrest Corporation after a tsunami leveled their homes